LitePro 2.0

We have a new program update that:

  1. Corrects problems that some Windows 7 users were having
  2. Allows vertical footcandle calculations on site perimeters, for LEED projects
  3. Allows mirroring of selected luminaires or assemblies across a line

NO, it does not take ACAD .dwg files, it still has to import .dxf format, but we're getting closer! A major conversion of the program is well underway to accomplish that.

NO it does not yet have an updated library of product .ies files, you should use the current files located on the websites.

If you are currently running LitePro version 2.025, you can use the download available here (see Updates), and future downloads will automatically be available when you run LitePro. If you are running v2.026 you can update automatically when starting LitePro. If you have a version older than 2.025, you should get a new disk to load. Contact your local Hubbell sales rep, and he/she can get copies from the Print Fulfillment Center.

LitePro does operate with Vista, Windows 7, or earlier Windows operating systems.

If you have any problems with this process or questions about it, please contact Alan Clark at 864-678-1683 ( or Heather Johnson at 864-678-1560.

The simply powerful solution for today's lighting design professionals. LitePro contains files for most of the Hubbell Lighting, Inc. brands - Kim, AAL, Columbia, Prescolite, Alera, Spaulding, SLS, and Hubbell Outdoor and Industrial. With over a decade of experience in providing proprietary lighting application software, we are pleased to announce LitePro 2.0, a comprehensive and valuable tool for lighting designers. The power of LitePro has always been in providing the best and easiest methods to compare multiple lighting systems in the same project. It has always provided a variety of useful interactive tools, reports, and renderings to simplify the lighting design process.

Now, LitePro 2.0 brings you even more!